Childrens Health and Parenting - Videos

How To Save A Child Who Swallowed A Battery

Young children literally put anything they pick up in there mouth. That's why it's terrifying when parent's find out their children swallowed a button battery. Fortunately, there are tricks to resolve this issue. According to, "one way to limit the damage is to give the child honey as you rush them to the hospital." Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia proved this to be true.

It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health At Work

Talking about mental health at work can make you happier and healthier. If you’re worried about a colleague, follow these mental health first aid tips to start a conversation…

Mayo Clinic Minute: Tick Removal Do's and Don'ts

Do you know the proper way to remove a tick that’s attached to your body? Despite what you may have been told when you were younger, smothering or burning ticks is not a good idea. The correct removal method is even easier. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, reporter Jeff Olsen speaks with parasitic diseases expert Dr. Bobbi Pritt about the right way to remove a tick. More health and medical news on the Mayo Clinic News Network

'Supernanny US': 4 Year Old Twins Refuse to Go To Bed

Mom has to eventually lay down in bed with 4 year old twins to try and get them to sleep, but even that doesn't work. They then demand that Dad make them a hot milk drink.

5 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Toddler Brush Their Own Teeth

This mom has spoken with the pros and shares her do's and don'ts.

'Supernanny US': 4 Year Old Calls Mother 'Stinky Butt'

While Mom is trying to work from home, her 4 year old twins are be disruptive and talking disrespectfully towards her.

5 Great TV Shows in the New Year

Looking for great TV shows to watch with your kids? Well the New Years promises to deliver quite a few. Here are 5 shows to check out.

7 Everyday Media Resolutions for You and Your Kids

Looking for year-round, positive media activities to do as a family? Here are seven great ideas about how you can bond, learn together, and even help change the world using screens.

4-Step Guide to Painless Potty Training

Who said you can't party in the bathroom? Trust this mom - it really works!

Parents Might Need to Rethink That Night Out on New Year's Eve Thanks to Babysitter Price Surging

Move over, Uber! Now babysitters are surge pricing! Rob Smith (@robsmithonline) has all the details on the new holiday rates some sitters are charging!

3 Tips to Avoid Halloween Candy Overload

When Halloween is over, candy overload begins. Here are some tips to help you and your family manage your post-Halloween candy consumption.

How to Make Car Trips Run Smoother

Try these tips for easy, quiet car rides with your little one.

This Easy Trick Simplifies Morning Madness

Eliminate the morning rush chaos with this simple and effective ?'out-the-door' table.?

Best Kid-Friendly Carry On Packing Tip

Learn the most effective ways to prepare your family for plane travel.

This DIY Book Guarantees Smooth Sailing for Back to School

Help your child get excited to go back to school with this simple and fun DIY activity book.

'Supernanny US': 4 Year Old Twins Scream the House Down

While Dad is gone to work all day, Mom is at home working all day too which leaves their 4 year old twin girls running wild and their 9 year old son getting the blame for stuff he hasn't done.

Controversy Erupts Over School Speaking Tour Sponsored by Fast Food Chain

After high school science teacher John Cisna lost more than 30 pounds in three months eating exclusively at McDonalds, the fast food chain offered to promote his documentary and speaking tour to schools throughout the United States. Now, parents are fighting back, arguing that the film is merely fast food propaganda and doesn't belong in the nation's schools. Click here to hear more of the discussion.

Controversial Fast Food Documentary Being Shown in Schools: Pros and Cons

A film documenting one high school science teacher's experiment in which he ate exclusively at McDonald's for three months and lost more than 30 pounds is now being promoted throughout the nation's schools and sponsored by the fast food giant. The Doctors discuss whether the film teaches children a valuable lesson about making healthy choices or is simply fast food propaganda.

Drug Trends Among Teens

Are high school seniors more likely to smoke pot or cigarettes daily?

Dose of Cute: Little Ones Scared of Santa

It's like they never heard of Santa before!

Dose of Cute: Little Ones Opening Presents

Watch them as they get excited while opening their Christmas gifts!

Viola Davis' Advice for Raising a Confident Daughter

Find out what Viola Davis says is key to raising a confident daughter!

Brain Tumor Threatens Young Girl's Health

Young Alexis first appeared on The Doctors in February 2014 , when her mother, Jenny, explained that a benign tumor in the center of Alexis' brain had caused uncontrollable weight gain. Today, after undergoing dangerous surgeries to remove the tumor and help Alexis lose weight, Jenny reveals that the tumor has returned and Alexis fears for her health.

Planet Parent: What Do Dads Know About Labor?

Dad and dad-to-be sit down to talk about what they think labor is really all about.

Are Children Starting Puberty Earlier Than in the Past?

Early signs of maturation do not necessarily mean a child has entered puberty.

Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy Linked To Autism

According to a new study children are more likely to be diagnosed with autism if their mothers took anti-depressants while pregnant.

HPL Takes On: Parenting Pitfalls

Parenting is one of the most important and challenging parts of life that leaves many parents feeling lost and overwhelmed. Watch these conversations about the ups and downs parents face in today's world of childrearing.

Smart Living: Episode 4

Smart Living with Julia Bradbury

Tips and Tricks for Baby Proofing in Any Space

See how these parents share their advice and compete for a day free of diapers.

Star Wars Battlefront Video Review

Though sci-fi combat can be repetitive, this game's a blast.

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